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Faggot Question

Why are Alphas so important in the scheme of things, why not any man?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

Fags will never worship average men. Fags will only ever worship the best of the species, the strongest of men. Real men exude a power, a control, which not all men have, or could ever achieve, so the Alpha is the primal beast of all men. The Alpha in nature is the top of the hierarchy, and takes the best of the food stocks and the best of the opposite sex. This is true of animals as well as human interactions. 

Faggots naturally are attracted to the powerful men, the ones that brim with testosterone and confidence, the men that can have anything they way, those are the men that fags are most attracted too. Alpha energy is a real thing, a true straight male will give off pheromones which indicate to all other beasts that this is the top predator. Men of all kinds are attracted to these types of real alpha men, but its only faggots that will desire to be fucked by Alphas. 

Women are also attracted to the power that Alphas give off, so its a universal emotion when an Alpha steps into the room. 

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