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Faggot Question

Why is it fashionable for a sissy slut to have such bad makeup?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

Firstly, the words sissy and fashion do not go together. A sissy is an abomination of the feminine, its the perfectly wacky intersection between a broken man and the ideal slutty woman prepared to give her flesh for any man's fantasy. This is the reason that a sissy slut will often dress tacky, with smeared makeup and whorish clothing.

The sissy fag most often displays the dishevelled look of a street whore that has been used and discarded. For a sissy there is much sexual satisfaction in the horrendous dress and makeup that being a sissy often entails, and for the Master or the man that uses the sissy, he is pleased by a sissy look, and this can also drive some sexual excitement. The sissy is the extremely sexualised representation of womanhood that men or fags want, its typically lust driven.

I have come across many men that want a broken and smeared sissy more than a normal woman because the used sissy is a huge sexual turn on.

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