Eating Ass Is A Top Or Bottom

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Faggot Question

I love eating ass, does that make me a bottom or a top?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

Eating ass is quintessentially fag behaviour, so as a generalisation, if you are ass eating, then you are a fag. However for the purpose of this exercise, that is a bit simplistic, let me explain. 

A Master or domme, an Alpha can absolutely expect for a fag to eat out HIS ass, this is to be enjoyed by the dominant, and actively encouraged in the faggot. The Master can also classify the fags ass pussy as a cunt and hence use that for HIS needs. The Master remains a Master even while fucking a faggots ass pussy , because for all purposes it is a pussy. In this sense a Master is a top if he uses the fags pussy, but not if he eats the fags pussy. The fag is a bottom whether it eats ass or gets fucked in the ass, its still a bottom. A fag should never be a top, as that is far too dominant a role to take and too dominant a position to have over another, a fag should always be recessive in every way, including physical position. 

If you are a fag that eats ass, then you are a fag bottom, never a top. If you are a Master that likes to eat ass, then you need to reconsider your status as you can never be a top Master if you are eating ass. 

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