Edging Faggots Worship

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Faggot Question

Is it true that edging faggots worship better?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

Thats not a question, that is just a matter of fact. I cannot imagine there is a single person reading this that is fag or otherwise, that does not know from personal experience, that a faggots worship increases 10 fold when its being edged. Edging is the most powerful force in the universe, its the process of continually taking the faggot to the edge of its sanity and then pulling it back again. The faggot is at its weakest state when its dangled over the edge of a climax, and then pulled back. The fag is least able to resist whatever inputs you give it. You can extract money from fags whilst edging, you can have them hand over assets, or you can simply use the edge process to inject ideas deep into the faggots mind. 

Fags are most easily programmed in the gooned edging state, and I have often used it as a time to prepare a faggot for worship, to teach it to idolise the Master. Faggot worship is at its best in an edged state. 

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