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Faggot Question

Should I call my fag hole a boi pussy or a boi bussy or just a pussy?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

Fag boi hole is the best name for a faggots hole. I have so many faggots that get sexual pleasure from calling their holes a bussy which is short for boi pussy, and others that lean more on the feminine and want to call it a pussy, and all these terms are fine. You can call you fag hole whatever you want as long as you make it available for Masters to use. I can't imagine there is a Master in the land that gives a flying fuck about what you call your cunt hole, they just need it to be there ready to fuck when they have the urge. 

So as long as you maintain that cunt hole, and you have it available and ready for use when your dominant Master needs it, then all is good. Most of the name calling that fags get caught up in is just personal sexual gratification and arousal, and when a fag feels this way, it should stop and realise that this is all about the Master, not the stupid fag. 

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