Fag Kidnapped Outside Of A Club

Fag Kidnapped

In the early hours of a Saturday morning outside a club, I saw a faggot I knew. I knew what this faggot was, and what they were capable of. Having this knowledge I decided to take this known faggots experience to a new level. I knew this fag to be a adventurous little faggot so I took out my botte of Chloroform, as I walked up to it. I convinced it to come off the main road and step into an alley so we could talk, but as it was walking in front of me, it didn't see me dabbing Chloroform onto a sweet smelling wet cotton rag which I quickly pressed over its nose. The fags head tilted backwards immediately. The fag was out cold and I had my team swiftly drag it into my black SUV which was parked at the end of the dark alley.

Fag Woken In Warehouse

The faggot came around in a dark and eerily silent room, it had no idea where it was. It sat blinking and confused, unable to open its eyes fully. Its eyes were stinging and its head was pounding. Suddenly, it realised that it was sitting naked, no clothes, but where had its clothes gone, it sat bewildered. Its hands were open to rummage and it did, running its cold fingers over its deflated cock and saggy balls and over to a cold pipe to which it realised it was chained. Sweat began to pour off the faggots head as the realisation of imprisonment loomed large.  Where was it? Was it alone? What was the hell was going on?

The faggot could hear a rustling sound coming from its right side, and then it realised I was standing right there, my pointed dress shoe by its side, and then the yelp as I pushed the point of the shoe into its thigh, making it squeal, like the pig it was. 

Kidnapped Faggot Is Pathetic

All it heard next was my grave and raspy voice telling it, "You are pathetic, and now you will serve me faggot. I'm your only master, now and forever! come on fag, repeat it back, say it back now before I crush your maggot balls" Not a single word emerged from the faggots astounded mouth, it was frozen to the spot, and could not move or talk.

Another sharp pain struck the fag and then a burning sensation in the same spot as I dug my point into the same spot, in its thigh. It pressed its clammy twitchy hand to try and remove my shoe, but it couldn't, all the power in the world would not remove my shoe from what I owned, this dirty stupid little faggot that was now under my shoe. I lifted and then pressed my shoe into its useless cock, which was hard as a nail, this fag was excited, even under duress this faggot loved what was happening. I continued pressing its cock into the floor that it was sitting on, and asking it to declare its devotion to me, which it did louder and louder, but with each declaration I stamped its cock further into the hard cold floor beneath, until eventually I heard the words that I wanted from its stupid ignorant mouth..

"I will Master, I will serve you and I will worship you"

and so it was done. I told it clearly that worship, faggot worship was the most important thing for a fag to do,

"You're nothing, a nobody, and therefore, you have no wants, feelings, or desires. You will serve me blindly, and continually with no pleasure and from this day forth, you will only cum when I tell you..."

Kidnapped Faggot Declares Worship

I untied the faggot and rolled it over onto its side. This fag knew what it had to do moving forward, the smile on its face and its tiny, still rock hard cocklet, told me, that my message of worship had been received loud and clear.

Each fag I have encountered over the last few years has had to worship in one form or another, but each has taken its time to learn, and I have taught them all, carefully, patiently, as any supreme leader should!! So if you also have that need in you, then don't be a stranger boi, step up and present yourself to me....

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