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Faggot Question

What is a fag downer, or faggots downer, I hear this term alot?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

A faggots downer is similar to the "post nut clarity" that straight males experience after cumming. The origins of the faggot downer are similar to post nut clarity in that they evolve from extreme pre-climax arousal. When I say extreme I dont mean a simple need to nut, I mean extreme, where the arousal is so great that the cock is leaking and the mind is revolving around nothing but nutting. This may going on for days to create that "extreme" situation.

The faggot downer is experienced by fags that have been in extreme arousal for days, and eventually they are allowed to release, cum, squirt, sissy squirt and all that pressure is released. In that extreme arousal, the fags mind has revolved around every single filthy scenario that it can possibly generate, and the edging has pushed it right out to the edges of its climatic ridge, its totally spent in this state. Once that energy is released and that serotonin surge is depleted, the expected downer stage follows.

In the downer stage, not only does the faggot experience an actual hormonal rebalancing, but the fag experiences all those emotions which it disguised in the extreme arousal, such as shame, fear, guilt, disgust, anxiety, everything deplorable that the faggot is and was comes right back to the surface with an explosion. This is the faggot downer, and its experienced by almost all fags I know.  

All true fags will experience it at some point, and if you have not, then I tell you to look forward to it, as its the result of the amazing extreme arousal that preceded it. So if you have not gone down to the bottom, it means you never rose to the dizzying heights of arousal. Go and get more filthy, YOU DUMB FAG!!!

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