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Chastity cages hurt, must I wear them all the time?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

Yes you must wear your cage like a good little faggot because a chastity cage is what constrains your filthy desires. If you took the cage off, your tiny erection would build, and you are a faggot, so you have no business having an erection! You must do whatever it takes to minimise, diminish or completely remove your tiny cocklet. 

It does not matter that the cage hurts you, let it hurt, let each painful twinge through your body remind you that you are a faggot that must pay, and serve, and that you have a role, to prepare that sweet faggot pussy of yours for real men, and if that cage helps to prepare that fag pussy, then do more to prepare it. Cage up and shut the fuck up fags!

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