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To be a faggot, must I love cum? I ask because wherever I read about other fags they all seem to love cum, but I actually don't.

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

Alas, I have seen this question come up time and time again, but in essence the question is not about a faggot that doesn't love cum, its a question from a disobedient faggot who doesn't realise that its opinion, feelings and desires are irrelevant. You are a faggot, so you must silently learn to love all that a Master enjoys, and a large part of a Masters pleasure will be to see you feeding from his cock. You must be an expert cock sucker to have any chance of serving a real Master.

Masters will enjoy having there cocks sucked to varying degrees, but all will enjoy it in some form. This means that all will at some point want you to suck their cock, and the result of which will be for the Master to bless you with a cum load. In the situation where the Master has blessed you in such a way and dumped a load on you or into your throat, it would be a huge insult, and unforgivable for you not to swallow and visibly enjoy that cum. Not enjoying and eating that cum would be the equivalent of you throwing the wafer back in the priests face at the church, its unforgivably vile behaviour. 

I would expect any Master whose cum you did not enjoy and swallow to consider beating you as a result. 

Ultimately, this is about the Masters needs and desires, so you must enjoy eating that cum. 

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