Faggots Worship Femboys

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Faggot Question

Why do faggots worship femboys?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

This is a odd question, as I have only come across a few fags that also worship femboys. Normally a fag is excited by men, real men, dominant men, not women, or dominant female energy. A femboy would certainly not fit into the masculine energy, that most fags like. However, I do know that faggots are total degenerate creatures and I have seen them get very creative when they want to feed their depravity.  I can imagine that some faggots being as broken as they are, have blended this fascination with cock and extended it to the cocks on femboys.

I am almost never surprised by how destructive and depraved a faggot can get in the pursuit of its carnal desires. A fags desires are so great that an edged faggot without release in sight is a walking timebomb. 

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