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Faggot Question

Why does Master never call me by my name, instead referring to me as IT ?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

IT is a term of endearment for faggots because a faggot is a genderless formless creature not worthy of defining in any human way, its almost just an object for the pleasure of a higher ranked male to use. A Master will never and should never call a faggot by its name, it should always be referred to as IT or that or shit, so that it keeps its place. 

So if you are a faggot that is wanting to be called by its name, then you are confused and chasing the wrong thing, perhaps you want a relationship, but certainly you misunderstand what it means to be a faggot. I suggest that you fall back into line, stop chasing your dreams and follow what a faggot should be.

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