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Faggot Question

I love kneeling for real men and women, so am I really a faggot?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

You kneel because you are subservient to superiors, that is your way and your nature. You feel right, you feel happy and correct when you kneel, so you kneel. Whether you kneel to a man or a woman really doesn't matter because you will kneel to something. I would still consider you a faggot because even if you kneel to a woman, that does not isolate you from kneeling for a real man if that real man was in your presence.

I know for certain that if I was to meet you, I would have you kneeling before me, and you may dispute and argue and tell me your straight and all the other excuses you would muster, but I would know in your eyes that you are a bitch, and a fucking slut, and I would have you drop to your knees faster than even your own imagination allows. 

You can label it faggot or weak, or just sub, but I would drop you to your knees real fast. 

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