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Faggot Question

The smell of an Alpha turns me on, is that normal?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

You can feel safe that this is completely normal behaviour. Most fags that I deal with are turned on by the musk of an Alpha, by the scent of a greater stag. The pheromones that erupt from an Alpha are so powerful, so attractive, and nature has created this to be the case. Nature wants the Alpha to be ruling and leading all other beasts of the realm and faggots sit in that category of beasts, hence the fag is by nature attracted to that scent. 

I would suggest to all faggots, whether they believe they are aroma musk attracted or not, they should stuff their snouts into the armpits of their Alphas and they might find themselves with a new fetish. 

Go forth all ye fags that yield to an Alpha and huff the scent your Alpha has to offer. 

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