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Faggot Question

I want to worship an Alpha guys balls, is this weird?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

Worshipping a faggots balls is not weird at all, this is actually perfectly normal. Most faggots will want to worship a real mans balls because they represent the origin of all that it is to be a man, a powerful sexy Alpha man. A real mans balls are full of powerful life giving cum and faggots lack this type of cum. Weak little faggots desire everything it is to be a real man, and getting up close and worshipping a real mans balls will be the best thing that can happen to a fag. Most fags want to worship Alpha cock, but it takes the real true Master worshippers to kneel and suck on a set of Alpha balls. 

Its such a normal desire that I encourage all faggots to get on their knees whether a Master asks them too or not and suck on the sack of a Master, the testosterone will actually just seep out of the ball sack skin and fill the faggots mouth, quenching the fags thirst temporarily. So ultimately no its not weird, I fully encourage it. 

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