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I am a faggot, but can I ever be a real man again?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

Fags are fags from birth, this means you were never actually a man, so therefore your idea of going back to being a man is false. A fag is born that way, nature decided this for you, you are weaker and more subservient by your very nature. 

I adore the fact that you acknowledge that you are a faggot, and have the desire to join the ranks of real men, but you should know that its an impossible desire. You can never be a real man, nature decided for you to take the role of a faggot and you must wear that crown of cum with pride and the lesser dignity of a faggot. So put these childish thoughts to one side, and stop thinking about being a man, and instead be the best little faggot cunt you can be. 

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