Fags Worship Globally

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Faggot Question

Which country has the most fags in the world?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

Fags worship globally because there is no country in the world which is immune to faggotry. Wherever men walk, alongside them, fags also crawl. Fags hail from every country in the world, from the recesses of all corners of this Earth. Fags come in all shapes and sizes, races and creeds, from every single country out there. 

On a daily basis I personally interact with faggots from at least 4 different nations, and that is because I am a supreme Master, and others may also be experiencing this if they are powerful enough and desired as much as I am. The largest quantity of my faggots are from the USA and UK, and I also have large numbers from Europe. 

Whichever country you are reading this post from, you can be sure that there are hundreds of other fags like you also doing the same. You are not alone faggots!

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