Fags Worship Smelly Alphas

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Faggot Question

Why do fags love to sniff smelly Alphas and unwashed feet, socks and jockstraps?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

The answer to this always begins with the fact that fags are degenerates, that revel in filthy degenerate behaviour, this is the nature of a fag. There are more potent reasons why a stinky festering Alpha with ripe pungent feet and socks straight off the football field are more tantalising. The key is the Alpha pheromones, the essence of a hardworking Alpha, a man that is used to hard work and sweat gives off a different type of aura, and the faggots love that aura.

I have had fags that will lick and eat up a jockstrap straight off the field, just to suck the juice out of it, its the most powerful sauce that a fag can add to its daily diet and the faggot will almost kill to get its paws on this kind of clothing. Most fags have some level of this fantasy and desire, some will want to lick dirty feet, dirty ass, or sniff and huff dirty pants and socks while they jerk off, and I think its perfectly fine if it allows these fags to understand why they do what they do. If a faggot can learn to be a better faggot by serving in this way, then I support selling these items to faggots. 

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