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Should I train my boi pussy with gape toys?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

Training your boi pussy is absolutely the number one thing you should be doing, you doing be focused and putting in effort every day to get that boi pussy opened up nice and wide for your Masters and dominants. Boi pussy is just like pussy, if its not used and abused and trained daily it will just close up. You have a task to do for your Master, and that is to be available for his needs, so if you find that you are closed off or too tight for your Master, that will be a real pain and annoyance. Put the practise in early, use a good collection of sizable gape toys, many of which you will have seen on my tweets and get that boi cunt nice and open.

Gaping boi pussy is also a pasttime that many fags like to do just as a challenge. There is a satisfaction in knowing that your cunt can take huge objects, to the extent that I have one fag that has trained its boi pussy so wide, it can take the largest toys available and even occasionally has to use a traffic cone just to fill up its cunthole. 

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