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I got married, but I cant stop thinking about men, am I a fag?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

You are one stupid faggot ! Before you got married, you knew you were a fag, either you already had experiences with men, or other fags, or you dreamt about it and jerked yourself off, and most likely, very regularly. This means that your need for cock, your desire for male attention is not new, its YOU !  

Now your married, all you are going to do is fuck your marriage up, because she will never fulfil you, and you will never fulfil her with your dirty fag pussy. I imagine you will also never admit this to her, because you are a weak fag. I have known many fags in the past and each time they fuck up their marriage either by blaming their partners or simply not taking responsibility for what they are, its a typical faggots way. 

You should confess to her, call off this marriage and go back to being a faggot, and you will notice that I do not suggest that you try to make it work, because it wont, your a faggot, that cannot be cured. Call me and I will direct you moving forward, dumb moronic faggot!

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