Fags Worship Master Mikey

Master Mikey Knows That Fags Worship

Fags Worship is a simple and true statement, as true now, as it has always been. Fags worship because they must, it is a NEED and a role that a fag lives, but before we delve deeper, lets start with me, the source and origin of Alpha Master divinity.

Let me welcome you faggots, casual readers, and all others, for those that do not know me, or have not heard of me, you might want to check out my other sites first, and get a fuller understanding of what and who I am. 

Fag Begs For Master Mikey

All of you that have landed on this page will have come from all over the world, spanning every religion, race, colour and creed, so its important for me to start by giving my usual trigger warning, that this is a website dedicated to the adult discussion of highly sexual topics, this is not a place for minors. This is a website which explores a world of adults that choose to live lives which are outside of the normally accepted scopes of sensuality and sexuality. In this website I will be showcasing the lives and loves of self confessed faggots. The situations and ideas that this website will glorify are highly attractive to self confessed faggots subs twinks and all other forms of fetish life players.

So, if you by chance, happened not to understand the context of this website, I would suggest you close the browser and move on to something more suitable, rather than stay, and be further offended.

Some of you may have heard of me and already know the life I live and the lives I affect through my dedication to the topics of Alphas , Masters , Fags & Faggotry, and if you have, then you might wonder what this website will be about. If you also consider yourself a faggot, sub, twink read on, because you will love this new blog site. 

Why Create FagsWorship.com ?

Fags worship ... so many things, that is the essence of faggotry, the ultimate dedication too and worship off, greater beings, Alphas and Masters. Each faggot approaches the topic of worship with its own personal desires and perversions , so Alpha Masters, White Boys , Big Black Cocks, Big Cocks, Feet , Leather are just some of the many areas we will explore on this website. 

FagsWorship.com Will ....

This blog site will appeal to the faggot’s need for gratification in its own specific category of perversion, whether that be big cocks, white boys, young masters, feet etc. This blog will provide an avenue for faggots and subs to worship ME. 

FagsWorship.com Will Not....

This blog will not be an image gallery, you can go on google or reddit for image galleries. This website is not designed to show you faggots pictures that you can stroke your tiny cocks off too. 

This blog deals with the worship of worthy, real Men like ME, Master Mikey. I will deal with questions and answers that faggots have and also other important topics in the genre of faggotry. 

For now, enjoy the ultimate Alpha Faggot Master, the Lord of Faggots, Master Mikey because I know what you need. 


Master Mikey

Lord of Faggots , Alpha Master