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How do I learn to be the best sissy?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

Sissy fags worship Masters in a different way entirely, they showcase their dirty faggotself through the abomination of the feminine, but however they express themselves, it is fag worship none the less. A sissy faggot can learn to be the best sissy by reading the best Masters out there, and by investigating on the internet, but the ultimate way is to find a local BDSM or fetish club where you can explore all your most degenerate and wretched fantasies for real. 

Only in the presence of a real Master, can you truly be made to worship like a sissy. A true sissy is not just a sissy in clothing, its a sissy in the mind, a faggot that walks as a woman. To walk and talk like a woman, that is an art form that takes time to achieve, and practise makes perfect. Start your journey on Reddit or other forums where faggots discuss their sissy desires and give each other hope and pleasure. You may also find yourself a true Master worth worshipping their too. 

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