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Why do I love straight Alpha bully boys so much?

Master Mikeys Answer To Fag Question

Power power and more power, that is the order of the day. Power rules the world and a man, a real man that can demonstrate real power will always be valued, and so it is with faggots. I am yet to meet a faggot that does not adore, with all its little faggot heart, the absolute joy of watching a real man in his element, cocky, brutal at times, strict, forceful, unforgiving, relentless and sometimes a bully to deal with. Fags love to be bullied, as it reminds them of the days when they had no control, and they were used and abused for what they are, tools for real men. 

Bullying can be negative and soul destroying for some, and that is not the bullying we are talking about here, this bullying is the brutal yet playful dance of arrogance, violence and sustenance that the fag and the bully enjoy and have done since the beginning of time.

A straight bully is the best of all, because he bully's the fag just for being a fag, and the fag enjoys the bullying all the more because its the straight guys nemesis, the vile little faggot boi. 

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